Multi-Dimensional Mentorship

& Healing

A Natural Way to Heal

Multi-dimensional Mentorship & Healing (MDMH) is an intuitive and crafted art of becoming your own medicine.


Please contact Jen-ix before booking your one to one session to discuss your bespoke spiritual need.


Multi-Dimensional Mentoring & Healing

What does that mean for me?

I am a creative catalyst for change and transformation.

A shaman, healer, spiritual teacher and intuitive channel.

My purpose  Is to initiate  a sacred space with you and co create a bespoke experience for you to engage in the process of change and transformation you are inviting.

I will tune in, perceive and feed back to you what seems hidden. We will work in a way that you can engage with and gain insight to prepare for forward motion in your life.

Your experience will be inspired by the intention you bring to the table in the moment that you
choose to work with me and the spirit team.

I will call on a range of techniques which may include:

Cards, stones, or crystals (Intuitive Readings & Guidance)

Healing, transmission, spirit song & drum

Shamanic infused medicine work

Guided Visionary Journeys 

Meditation techniques
Rattles, drum, voice


As a channel for higher guidance and healing sound frequency
I will be offering you an opportunity to shift your frequency and engage with your own power to heal.

Listen to your heart & become more of your own medicine to more effectively Walk Your Talk from a place of clarity, heart connection and integrity.



Spiritual Events

Turn Trauma into Treasure & help Heal the Earth

Contact Jen-ix to discuss bringing a Creative Catalyst for Change & Transformation to your event